Experience the Wonder at Scioto Hills Christian Camp & Retreat Center

Ever thought of a place where nature, fun, and spirituality meet? Well, Scioto Hills Christian Camp & Retreat Center is exactly that! Nestled in the heart of Wheelersburg, Ohio, this Christian children's camp offers an experience that's a notch above the rest. Let's dive right into this fascinating haven that has been touching young lives for many years.

Unplug, Unwind, and Connect

If the walls of your classroom could talk, they'd probably tell you to take a break! That's what Scioto Hills is all about - providing a place where kids can unplug from the usual hustle and bustle, unwind, and connect with both nature and their spiritual roots. Here, beneath the broad Ohio skies, children aren't just kids - they're adventurers, explorers, and young spiritual seekers.

Activities Galore

  • From hiking through the scenic trails to engaging in friendly sports competitions, there's never a dull moment.

  • Water lover? Dive into the fun with swimming and canoeing activities.

  • And if you're a fan of the arts, get ready to indulge in crafts, drama, and music activities designed to ignite your creativity.

More than Just a Camp

What sets Scioto Hills apart from your typical camp is the focus on spiritual growth. It's a place where children can explore their faith, engage in Bible studies, and participate in worship sessions - all in an understanding and loving environment. Now, isn't that something to look forward to?

The Retreat Experience

But hey, Scioto Hills isn't just for the kiddos. Adults seeking a peaceful retreat can also find a home here. The center offers retreat programs that serve as a refreshing break from the everyday grind - all while fostering a deeper connection with God. It's not just a retreat; it's a spiritual recharge.

Whether you're a child ready to embark on a fun summer adventure or an adult seeking spiritual refreshment, Scioto Hills Christian Camp & Retreat Center has something for you. So, why wait? Pack your bags, bring an open heart, and get ready to create unforgettable memories at Scioto Hills!

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